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30-Days Free Phone Technical Support

In addition to our beautifully illustrated step by step instructions our specialists are ready to walk you through every step of the repair for your specific car model. Simply call (954) 846-1346 Monday-Friday from 7am to 6pm Eastern Time with your paypal order number.

What Is The Headliner Replacement Process?

Repairing your headliner will allow you to drive in comfort once again. Read on…

Does your car's ceiling sag unattractively? Does it droop when you drive? Does it drop when you stop? If so, you need to replace your headliner. "Headliner" refers to the car's vinyl or cloth ceiling fabric. The headliner is usually glued to the roof of the car. Once the adhesive has rotted there are not many options for fixing your falling ceiling except completely replacing the headliner.

The process includes (1) The removal of current headliner board (2) Removal of old headliner fabric (3) Fitting of the headliner repair kit and (4) Application of the adhesive and reinstallation.

What we provide with our products…

Model Specific Headliner Replacement Kit…

Durable And Effective Adhesive…

Step by Step Instructions…

Expertise Not Required!

What Do You Get With Your Headliner Replacement Kit?

30-Day Product Guarantee

We proudly stand behind each and every one of our products and offer a 30-day guarantee on your purchase. Absolute satisfaction or your money back.

Best Pricing In The Market

Auto dealerships can charge hundreds of dollars for complete headliner replacement and take days to complete. Auto part shops usually add unnecessary retail up charges. We've been in business over 25 years specifically replacing headliners, so we know what these products require for high quality results. Our products will have you driving without that drooping car ceiling in no-time at a fraction of the competition's cost.

5-Star Rated, Service & Product

We use only the finest quality materials in all of our products. Choose from 10 standard factory colored liner materials laminated to 1/4" foam for a truly plush look and feel. If 'standard' isn't for you, choose from our exclusive selection of designer fabrics. Change the look and style of your interior with luxurious ultra suede, carbon fabrics, or printed designs.

Headliner Fabric

Largest Headliner Fabric Color/Style Variety

Fully stocked with an impressive variety of headliner fabric all made with your car model in mind. We have the largest selection of compatible colors, unique premium styles, and texture materials.

Installed In Under An Hour. No Mess.

Our consumers consistently report replacing headliners quickly and without the hassle of dealing with incompatible fabric for your model, low strength adhesives, or having to worry that all the parts weren’t quite there. We even provide you with illustrated step by step instructions and you can always read our simple online guide. Still having difficulties? we offer free 30-day live installation support with specialists ready to help you through every step.

We Will Price Match Any Competitor

We will match anyone offering headliner replacement kits, adhesives, or combined packages at a better price. Guaranteed up to 90 days after you place your order.

The Complete Package

We make sure you have everything you need to get the job done easily and as quickly as possible. Kits come with (1) roll of premium pre-laminated foam-backed headliner fabric, (2) replacement dome-light clips, clear step-by-step instructions with images, and access to a Customer Help Hotline with our 25 years of installation experience. If you do not have one of our High-Heat Headliner Adhesive (specifically formulated not to harm your headliner board) make sure you get the adhesive combo which comes with an added discount.

Option For Headliner Replacement Service

The only truly effective method for repairing your sagging car ceiling is to completely replace the liner and foam backing. Our professional team is highly skilled at repairs on any make and model. Our service partner will completely remove your headliner board and all the residue attached to it, leaving the frame clean and ready for a new installation. Click here to get your quote today!

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