Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will it fit my car?

A: When you order, we'll find out from you if you need a car or suv/truck kit, ask you the make and model and then we'll pick the kit that will best fit your vehicle.

Q: Can I return an unused kit?

A: Of course, give us a call we'll talk you through any problems with your purchase and ship you out a replacement as soon as possible. We won't be able to accept returns on the adhesive or cut fabric however, so before you get started read all instructions, make sure the kit is the right size, color and style that you ordered before you start the installation.

Q: What if I need help with installation?

A: No problem! Our technical staff are trained to handle any installation question you have. We'll stay on the line and walk you through each step.

Q: Should I just try spraying the adhesive up first - it's only sagging a little?

A: No. If you have visible signs that your car's ceiling is falling then it's time to replace it. If you attempt to spray the adhesive between the fabric and any deteriorating foam, it will shortly fall again.

Q: Can I get a sample of the fabric before I start.

A: No. Unfortunately even if we snipped off a piece and sent it to you it may differ from the product you receive. This is because our fabrics are created in big lots and each lot may vary slightly. However, we've taken the time to shoot some really good pictures to help you make the best decision, so check out our photos here online .If you are still not sure give us a call- our stylists are happy to help.

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